GTS awarded new automated-gate project at Fredrikstad Port

Greenwave Terminal Systems (GTS) was awarded a new automated-gate project at one of Norway’s largest ports, Fredrikstad. The solution will allow automated handling of arriving containers, general cargo, trailers and even visitors with or without vehicles.

Automated Gate Solution:
GTS provides customized kiosk solutions, with other gate-related infrastructure, Gate Operating System (GOS), GateBooking and all necessary integrations. The solution integrates with local access cards and the video surveillance system, enabling maximum synergy without the need for extra investments.

GTS also delivers Terminal Transaction Tool (T3), its own TOS, to both container terminals and large regional importers and exporters. Since all applications such as GOS, TOS, and GateBooking are operated on the same unified T3-platform, known challenges when dealing with multiple suppliers are therefore non-existent for our customers. All components are offered from one provider – fast, personal, effective and reliable.

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