This proven standard web-based TOS application leverages your operational services and helps you attract more business.

T3 simply covers all operations at sea, inland and related terminal types. T3 intuitively supports the modalities vessel, rail, truck and combinations of these. Regardless if you are dealing with containers, general cargo or bulk cargo, T3 handles it. It takes care of all event registrations typical for sea/inland terminals. T3 makes sure that all services are invoiced without exceptions. Tedious manual reporting to your customers is a task of the past, T3 takes over entirely automated.

Forget about paper lists and multiple registrations of the same information. T3 controls the life-cycle of containers and goods. The standardized and modular approach of the T3 suite allows you to grow without worrying about your IT-situation. T3 suits terminals with 1 Reachstacker to multiple RTG cranes.

T3 is used by the following industry segments

  • Marine Terminals

  • Inland Terminals

  • Multi-Commodity & Modal Terminals

  • Container Rentals & Sales

  • Forwarders & Shipping lines

  • Maintenance & Repair Shops

  • Shippers Pool

  • Distribution Centers



Discover the wast & unique possibilities you have with our solutions.


Work Smarter

Replace your paper lists, post-its, Excel lists with a modern off-the-shelf standard TOS.
Experience the advantages of working with real-time data and historic information stored in one place.
With T3 you will be able to do reporting, EDI, invoicing and much much more.


Give your customers and partners access to their container and cargo information in real-time With their own online account your customers have movement and stock information right at their fingertips.


T3 is built for mobile use.

Be it yard planning, vessel planning or other functions, all is available in your Internet Browser – anywhere with a mobile broadband connection.

100% Web-browser based

Access your TOS anywhere and anytime with a Web-browser and Internet access

Scalable and fit for growth

Easily add modules in line with your changing business scope.
T3 is able to continuously support increasing levels of activity without limitations.

Quick and easy roll-out

Order today – Work tomorrow.
We are ready when you are.

  • No software updates required

  • Multi-site management

  • Reduces paperwork

  • Affordable and cost-effective

  • Instant support

  • No hardware investments

  • Minimizes radio traffic

  • Customizable

  • Intuitive and user-friendly


“We have succeeded to improve the effectiveness of our internal processes with T3”

“The use of T3 has given us big cost reductions and has a positive overall effect on the whole organization”

“T3 makes it possible to easily document, track and treat maintenance and repair cases with built-in drawing functions etc.”

“We are very satisfied about the accuracy of automatic reporting of stock and movement details by EDI and email”

“T3 has worked error free right from day one”

“All we need is Web access. With T3 we are so far ahead when it comes to web-based solutions. The fully automated reporting services save much time and money”

“T3 is international logistics at a high level and exceeds the capabilities of our previous TOS by far.”

“Our users are surprised about the user-friendliness. Normally it takes a while before a new system is in full operation, but here everybody was in full swing after one day”