About Us

Greenwave is a dedicated systems supplier for the international shipping community. We have been in this business for 20 years and believe we understand the challenges and needs of our many loyal and new customers. Our playground is the container and goods handling industry.

Our typical customers are container/goods terminals, shipping lines, freight forwarders, exporters, importers, transport companies, container rental companies, port authorities.

Right from the start in the early days of internet, our philosophy was and still is, to exploit the possibilities of the new web-browser technology. Despite the many skeptical voices about security risks, our products became quickly popular. Now we are the preferred TOS supplier in Norway with a still growing customer base of Scandinavian and international companies.

This continuous growth we owe our loyal and daring customers which constantly motivate us to bring our products and services to higher levels.

Our T3 platform has become a formidable suite of advanced functionalities for all kinds of user types in this shipping community. Online accounts for shipping lines for self-service reporting, T3 for shippers pools, T3 for container rental companies and a national web-platform for pre-booking of container delivery and pick at terminals, to mention only a few.

Thanks to our cloud approach, the T3 platform can practically be used as national and international data repository, with information to be shared between all parties involved in usually complex logistics chains.

Our products are build on international standards and designed to serve customers anywhere on the globe. This could not be easier, since users only need a web-browser and internet connection to access their application. Deployment of any service can be arranged within weeks.

We are curious about how we can help your organization to gain efficiency.
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